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As a first time mama, we were in survival mode. My main objectives were that everyone had food and didn’t have any catastrophic accidents through the day. We ate the traditional American diet and used all the conventional products in our home.

In the first couple of years after getting married, I lived through eight miscarriages and some really low seasons of life, while learning to be a second wife and second mom to this precious family I inherited at age 23. The emotional mountain of this was at times, almost more than I could bear. (But God….)

I finally conceived and carried my littlest princess to 41 weeks. Towards the end of my pregnancy, in the fall of 2012, I was introduced to Young Living. Shortly after my little girl was born, I became increasingly aware of what we used in our home. Over the months and years that followed, we’ve become so much more aware of the products and ingredients we allow near our family.

In May, 2013, I was really considering sharing Young Living with other families. It had been heavy on my heart that so many families were still using toxic things in their homes and on their families everyday, and I’d found an incredible all-natural solution.

One day I found Kim’s hospice papers… my husband’s first wife. In the years of being married to him, I’d never stumbled upon this folder of papers. I saw my darling husband’s signature scribbled on the bottom line… the same sweet name that signs my Valentine’s Day cards… and in my mind, I saw him sitting in the chair next to her hospital bed, making the hardest decision of his life: to agree to hospice care of his beautiful, 35 year old wife of 12 years… and the mother of his 5 oldest children.

I literally believe finding those papers was a moment designed by God… because a passion welled up in my soul that day that is unrivaled by any worldly purpose or pursuit I’ve ever embraced in my lifetime.

I felt a mama-bear defensiveness rise up to protect every mom, every child, every family from walking through the devastation that an early death brings.

I know that having a chemical free home can’t save everyone’s life… but I do know this lifestyle shared with millions will change our world significantly. And I’m fully committed to the cause.

We are changing a generation.

I’m so thankful that through the catalyst of Young Living, we’ve grown into an empowered, informed and educated family. I’m thankful that Young Living has nearly all the consumable products we use in our home: it’s a one-stop-shop and also peace of mind because I (not blindly) trust their label completely.

We’re changing how people live.
Albeit: we’re changing how people die.
We’re on a mission; we aren’t slowing down.
We’re taking back our generation.
This is a cause worth getting behind.

I hope you’ll join us.

God bless you friends.



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