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I used to have #allthecleaners in my house. I had everything you could think of… even specialty ones.  When I was pregnant with Callie, my 6th child (but first full-term pregnancy), I started becoming more and more aware of what products I was putting on my skin and breathing in around my body. I decided to go without, more often than not, many cleaners, and use things like wet cloths for cleaning instead.  

Then I discovered Thieves cleaner.  OH my goodness, friends. This stuff is the real McCoy. It’s so pure I am never worried about breathing it in. (Read: no headaches, no cracked hands, no burning lungs!). 

It works amazingly well. Even on soap scum, granite counter tops and glass!  It’s really inexpensive… less than $1.50 per bottle once you mix from the concentrate. It’s really safe for my kids (the twins love to get out two bottles and have a spraying war… mom loves that too… eh hem).  And it is incredibly easy! 

No more buying tons of different cleaners! Now we have one cleaner under every sink in the house and it is SO easy  If you know me, you know I LOVE to cook with cast iron. I love a skillet that’s really good and seasoned! (I have a long way to go before my cast iron skillets are nearly as amazing as my moms and grandma’s, but I’m working on it! 

A sister product to Thieves household cleaner is Thieves Dish Soap… same concept as the cleaner: pure, effective and easy!

So recently, after we used a cast iron skillet (it was one of those times it was REALLY BAD) I filled it with Thieves Dish Soap and got to work. The results? You guys. Amazing. 

Sidenote: Cast iron isone of the healthier alternatives to cooking pans we can use in our homes! (More on that in a later blog post!). The thing about cast iron, though, is that, unlike non-stick coated pans, it sometimes DOES actually stick.

So this was a doozie. 

I literally filled the skillet with warm water, poured in some Thieves Dish Soap, scrubbed with a wire scrubber for a total of 90 seconds… and it was completely clean! It was incredibly easy and amazing. 

Everyone needs a chemical free home! I’m super thankful for Young Living making it so easy for us!

Have a blessed day!



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