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I could not be more humbled, honored and passionately excited about launching this magazine that I truly hope will bless families everywhere…  thanks for being a part of this journey. YOU ARE the movement. And I love you so.



Here’s the Movement Explained:

Welcome to The Farmhouse Movement Magazine!

We believe there is a movement happening in our generation. That many of us are drawn to the concepts, beauty, simplicity, and personality of a well-loved place from yesteryear… a place we call: the farmhouse. A place that is less about the farm, and more about the house.

We believe it’s the epitome of days gone by and the expectation of what lies ahead. That within its walls, the farmhouse represents a foundation of our culture and a freeing of our hearts.

We believe that this back-to-our-roots movement embodies families moving towards sustainable options. That whether we live in big cities or wide open prairies, we are embracing natural products, mindfully made things, the renaissance of lost arts and skills, and loving + leading our homes intentionally. We are asking for down-to-earth honesty about the items and influences we bring into our lives.

We believe that we are coming full circle. That We desire a more authentic lifestyle, similar to those lived out in the households of quieter times – where family values prevailed; ingredients were simple; mason jars, quilts and shiplap were commonplace; neighbors were friends; and where time well spent trumped task lists.

We believe this is a movement towards happier homes and healthier families and we are honored and humbled to be unfolding this story for our generation!



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