Growing up in a small town in the mid-west and working on the family farm, I learned the value of hard work and being a person of integrity from a young age. I remember spending summer weekends at my great-grandparent’s turn-of-the-century farmhouse in the foothills of Arkansas. Sleeping with a non A/C attic as a family, bathing in wash bins in the yard with my sisters, and collecting eggs from the chicken coop with my great-granddad each morning were burned in my childhood heart as the important things in life.

I’ve been Doug’s bride since 2010. He was a widower and single dad. His first wife passed away in 2009.¬†I became instant mom to five children, 10 and under on my wedding day… and so the real adventure began with homeschooling, homesteading and home-making.

After struggling through repeated miscarriages, I (finally!) gave birth to a baby girl… my sixth child, but first newborn. Around the same time, we began learning more about a natural lifestyle

Since that time, Doug and I have transitioned into a totally chemical free home. We love using simple products and simple ingredients while pursuing a down-to-earth approach to relationships, parenting, and marriage. Not long after this wellness journey began for us, I gave birth to twins.

Because of my own radical transformation from “conventional mom” to “all-natural mom”, I’ve been inspired to help thousands of other families and individuals move towards a more toxic-free lifestyle. Being a part of the wellness movement is a huge part of my life. I love inspiring others to live life intentionally!

As far as “business” stuff… I am an author of several books and publications. I love speaking to audiences with passion and purpose! Doug and I recently started The Farmhouse Movement magazine. And, along with my incredibly beautiful and talented team, we are Royal Crown Diamond Leaders within Young Living.

At the end of every day, I hope many call me friend, my family is blessed, we’re stewarding what we have with faithfulness, and the world is a more loved place than when I awoke.

Thanks for visiting my site, friend!